The Language of New Media by Lev Manovich is published by MIT Press. The commentaries on this blog refer to the 2001 edition.

I would like to thank my parents, Pat and Larry, for their love and support, for teaching me how to write carefully and for listening me to talk through many of the ideas here. I would like to thank my brother and my sister, Sean and Laura, for being who they are. I love you all.

Thanks to my friends for many small adventures, great conversations, and lots of collaborative art-making. Dmitry, Cullen, Andy James, Michael, Gina, Catherine, Annie, Scott, Mark, Josh, Adam, Geoff, Evan, Rose, Matt, Jason, Joe, Anna, Pam, and Jisun, you’ve all been great companions in good and difficult times. Thanks to everyone I’ve had the joy of making strange movies with. Thanks Mr. Pi and Mrs. King.

I would also like to thank the UW-Milwaukee Film Department for providing me with a place to work on my art, and for introducing me to great people and new ideas.  Thanks for the input, Diane.